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Accelerated Leadership Growth
More Success, More Joy

Executive coaching for hi-potential leaders

Combining the power of inner transformation with outer leadership actions, based on stakeholder feed-forward

Leadership programs and Leader skills for senior leaders

Offering deeper insight into human psychology to understand self & others better and therefore be an even more effective leader



Internationally certified
assure you of the
highest standard of
professional excellence

360 Degrees

Internationally certified
assure you of the
highest standard of
professional excellence


While most firms clock hours
for billing, we assure you of
24X7 availability. Once we are
in, we are in

Business Understanding

In our previous corporate
avatars we have managed P&Ls
as well as teams. We
understand business and can
talk our clients’ language

Multiple Modalities

Workshops, Mindfulness,
Projects, Coaching, Voice
Dialogue, Assessments –
whatever you need, we bring it

Vast experience

MNCs, Indian Business Houses,
Conglomerates, Start-ups we
have seen them all. Our
approach is customised to your
context, backed by experience.




A Brighter Life
A Brighter Life
A Brighter Life
A Brighter Life
A Brighter Life
A Brighter Life
A Brighter Life
A Brighter Life
A Brighter Life
A Brighter Life
A Brighter Life


Career growth, career move and Career Transition Coaching

Alok Karkera

Group Head @ Axis Bank | Ex Banker @ Citi

“I'm able to handle situations and people in a far better manner than before. It has been an absolute joy to work with Yoshita. She helped me acknowledge my areas of development in no time and guided me towards addressing them. Her empathy and patience are her assets which immensely helped me in my journey toward self-development. Sessions with her helped me recognize that strengths of mine which when in overdrive were in a way sabotaging my career growth. (It was very counterintuitive – because they were my ‘strengths’!) She helped me understand how to check my certain strengths from going into overdrive. I highly recommend Yoshita to anyone who wants to undergo professional coaching with her."

Deepak Sidel

Deepak Kumar

CHRO - Sidel Group, Sidel

"I engaged Ashwni as an Executive Coach to help me re-energize my team and support me navigate my organization through the challenging times. I have found his coaching and methods very insightful and innovative. Most importantly, his coaching has enabled my journey to a different level of leadership- collaboratively working with my peers and giving more space to and enabling the growth of my team. He is very thorough and uses a variety of methods both at the behavioral level and further deeper level that has made my leadership transformation easier and permanent. Thank you, Ashwni for your impactful and empathetic support and help me become the professional that I have the potential of becoming."

leadership effectiveness and self discovery journey

Manish Chawla

Director, NCH Corporation

"It was truly a worthwhile engagement. I discovered blind spots which were coming in way of the effectiveness of my leadership and I was very resistant to it. Here the role played by Yoshita was superb. She made me finally come to terms with these and accept them. I would recommend Yoshita to anyone who is sincerely looking forward to self-improvement. She is an extremely capable coach, who can help others develop through her structured and professional approach, which rests on perseverance and sincerity."

Suveer Kumar Gupta.jfif

Suveer Kumar Gupta

MD & CEO - Shivalik Small Finance Bank 

As a leader struggling with conflicting thoughts, I was lucky to have found Ashwni.

Ashwni is an excellent coach and mentor. He has coached me to become a better leader and, in the process, has helped me find some invaluable insights about myself. He has made me look inwards and search for limitations that tend to slow down my journey towards becoming a better leader. In the process, I have made peace with my inner most emotions and laid the conflicts to rest.

His method involves asking questions and making you reach inside your carefully guarded self for honest answers. Once you know better, he guides you on the journey to transformation.

Not to forget that he is very friendly, informal and an absolute pleasure to talk to. In him, I have found a friend, philosopher and guide. I highly recommend Ashwni for anyone looking for his/her true meaning in life.

unconscious bias training, transactional and transformational leadership


Director at a Global BPO

“Yoshita has a unique ability to connect with every participant at the core level and then help facilitate the growth. I personally experienced the transformation of all the individuals who went through this program. She was precise, encouraging, thought provoking, got them out of their comfort zones and importantly, held them accountable.”

Effective communication, Managing stakeholder, career development

Krishnaraj Vanavadiya

Vice President VLSI & System HW Engineering - Wipro

"I became a more impactful leader and made substantial career progress in 9 months. Within 2 months, with Ashwni's coaching, I made considerable headway at work, such as communicating more effectively and building trust with my stakeholders. I restructured my team and developed a razor sharp focus on my key deliverables, to increase the team productivity over the next few months. This resulted in enhanced satisfaction levels of my stakeholders. I really benefited being a part of this very effective and results focussed leadership program. I would strongly recommend this program to all leaders who are serious about their career development."

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