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'A-Brighter-Life Retreat Program' is a 2-day holistic workshop, in which we learn simple yet powerful techniques to discover an Energetic Body, a Calm Mind and a Joyful Spirit, to create a Happier, Healthier and More Successful Life - ABrighterLife! This workshop will enable your people to unplug from the outer world for some time and experience the inner dimensions to help them learn sustainable and practical ways to reconnect with themselves

Who is it for?


  • Renew your inner self by practicing techniques that will help you drop your emotional baggage and stress.

  • Learn and practice powerful energization exercises through a variety of scientific and ancient breath-work & body-work.

  • Learn powerful meditation & mindfulness techniques to calm your mind and body.

  • Reclaim Your Joyful Spirit through practices of gratitude, positive affirmations & dance

  • Through this powerful, joyful and fun program, you are recharged and revitalized to return to the rigor of your fast-paced lives

What to expect?


Energetic Body

​​Nourishment and cleansing: How what we consume through our sense-organs like mouth, ears, eyes etc can help build an energetic body

Breath work: Simple to practice yet powerful, time tested and effective breathing exercises to energise our body 

Body work: Powerful and Instant positive energy generating excercises and yoga postures, which are simple to follow, can be memorised easily and can be done anywhere anytime

Meditation by the Sea

Calm Mind

Mental Release work: Mind is on the move all the time, constantly churning thoughts based on past experiences and future possibilities. It  is a store-house of all types of emotions. Because of this tendency of the mind to always be on the move and store all kinds of emotions and thoughts, it accumulates a lot of baggage. 

Meditation: We at A-Brighter-Life, have integrated meditation practices, which are simple to understand yet very effective. The techniques are also easy to follow and practice on your own. We teach you to first concentrate and focus your mind through some simple techniques and then how to hold on to it till you can observe the gap between the thoughts. 

Mindfulness: We are mindful when we deeply observe and are aware of our thoughts, words, acts and experiences without holding on to them. Most importantly, mindfulness comes with the understanding and acceptance of the fact that we are all interconnected. i.e. if we want to be loved, we need to give love. 


Joyful spirit 

Feel the change – how an energetic body and a calm mind can make us extremely positive, joyful and spirited in our attitude.

Positive Affirmations - How to magnetize what you need or want andeliminate negativity and health issues. 

Music and freedom-dance – Dance with complete let go and freedom

Practicing Gratefulness - We will close the workshop with understanding interconnectedness of body-mind-soul and everything around us. We will also learn gratefulness exercises and practices.

Malvika Joshi.jfif

Malvika Joshi

 Global HR HOD, MNC

"​Yoshita and Ashwini are remarkable people who are doing a very noble work of helping heal souls. It was a truly beautiful experience; one that only the one who goes through it can understand. Yoshita and Ashwini are remarkable people who are doing a very noble work of helping heal souls. I would strongly recommend this workshop to everyone as we all have some part of us, big or small which we need to heal to move forward. Thank you both so much." 



Ex CEO of a Globally Leading and Large Multinational 

"The session helped me to identify, interact, unearth, introspect, appease and leverage some of my inner strengths. ​An amazing experience of my getting to know myself!!! Literally reclaiming my inner potential thru an interaction with my inner-self. An experience of identifying some hidden dark corners of emotions and subconscious experiences n feelings. The session helped me to identify, interact, unearth, introspect, appease and leverage some of my inner strengths. Made me a happier person showering unconditional love and compassion. Yoshita and Ashwini are the real gurus, who not only created the environment of guided meditation, program facilitation but became a part of my emotional structure and confidantes. Someone that I can reach out to get my inner peace n solace. Thank you Yoshita and Ashwini, you folks are exceptionally n absolutely awesome!!!"



Manager Operations Amazon

“A support system created so strong and beautiful. It's a true life changing experience. I believe in what you both do for strangers and make these strangers friends for life. A support system created so strong and beautiful. A session I feel everyone needs. Everyone!"

You can book a free consultation with us if you are keen to explore Career coaching or Leadership coaching to accelerate your career. 

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