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As a leader struggling with conflicting thoughts, I was lucky to have found Ashwni. He is an excellent coach and mentor. He has coached me to become a better leader and, in the process, has helped me find some invaluable insights about myself. He has made me look inwards and search for limitations that tend to slow down my journey towards becoming a better leader. In the process, I have made peace with my inner most emotions and laid the conflicts to rest.

His method involves asking questions and making you reach inside your carefully guarded self for honest answers. Once you know better, he guides you on the journey to transformation. Not to forget that he is very friendly, informal and an absolute pleasure to talk to. In him, I have found a friend, philosopher and guide. I highly recommend Ashwni for anyone looking for his/her true meaning in life.

- Suveer Kumar Gupta
MD & CEO - Shivalik Small Finance Bank

I engaged Ashwni as an Executive Coach to help me re-energize my team and support me navigate my organisation through the challenging times. I have found his coaching and methods very insightful and innovative. Most importantly, his coaching has enabled my journey to a different level of leadership- collaboratively working with my peers and giving more space to and enabling the growth of my team. He is very thorough and uses variety of methods both at the behavioural level and further deeper level that has made my leadership transformation easier and permanent. Thank you, Ashwni for your impactful and empathetic support and help me become a professional that I have the potential of becoming.

-Deepak Kumar
CHRO - Sidel group at Sidel

Deepak Sidel

I became a much more impactful leader, measurably upgraded my leadership skills, and made substantial career progress in 9 months. My communication became more effective and I was able to build rock-solid trust with my team/stakeholders. To beat it all, I got the much-awaited promotion.

- Krishnaraj Vanavadiya
Vice President VLSI & System HW Engineering - Wipro


Coaching with Ashwni almost felt like I was recalibrating myself! My reactions to situations and people have calmed down and I have learnt to deal with situations with a balanced mind and enthusiasm. I have learnt how to win people with authenticity, simplicity, and humility.

- Harish Sharma
Regional Manager-  Dell Technologies


Leaders require courage, humility and discipline to lead and drive change in their organizations and Ashwni inspires leaders to do just that. Ashwni really walks the talk with leaders. as he leverages his personal leadership courage, humility and discipline to inspire leaders to do the same.

- Will Linssen
CEO at Global Coach Group

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Ashwni is a great mentor who adds a lot of value in the shortest of interactions, as he did in my case, by asking very insightful questions, identifying triggers and crafting a meaningful dialogue that marks the beginning of a transformative journey. His expert guidance can help channelize energies in the right direction to create a positive impact in all spheres of your life.

- Shikha Nautiyal
Account Manager, Amazon Web Services


I totally recommend 1 to 1 sessions with Ashwni. He has helped me Through his dedicated and empathetic work he guided me to find ways to heal my mind, body and soul, to gradually change my brain waves, and create new synapses.

- Marilena
Certified Health Coach

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Ashwni’s total commitment to his coachee’s success is his key differentiator. I would recommend Ashwni for his deep understanding of human behavior, his immense exposure to the corporate world, and his years of spiritual and psychological practices. Approach him to become the person you desire and deserve to be!

- Harish Sharma
Regional Manager- at Dell Technologies


I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything close to what I have in the session with Ashwni. I’ve gained a profound understanding of who I am and how I want to show up in this world. 

- Sona Metcalfe
Empowerment Coach - UK


With Ashwni's guidance I have made significant progress in my business in just 8 weeks and I feel extremely confident. His 360 degree approach to coaching ensures that all hindering factors get addressed proactively

- Satya
Circle CEO in a Large Telecom Company 


Every session, sorted my mind step by step and today I feel I am ready to face the second innings of my life with energy, ideas and an undying confidence

- Gagan
Senior Vice President in a Top Banking Firm


Ashwni helped me to put some order in my life and helped me prioritize goals related to work and family. Ashwni ensured constant contact with me to ensure that I take accountability to 'practice' what I learnt during my interaction with him. Ashwni comes across as a very humble, clear minded and fun to be with person i.e. he never makes it about him, keeps the atmosphere light and always maintains a sharp focus on what we have set out to achieve

- Donatella Pigato
Buyer at Bizzotto, Italy



Ashwni opened my eyes to the vastness of learning’s that still lies ahead. Everything starts with us within and the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead of us is ours to see and achieve. Believe in ourselves and to forgive and be kind to us first. Thank you Ashwni I still look forward to the guidance that you provide. I was very blessed to have met you! 

-  Reeja Pillai
Manager Operations Amazon


Ashwni has developed excellent skills in Coaching. I have taken Ashwni's services and have tried his techniques. I must say I am personally very happy to see the positive results. The level of energy and attitude in whatever I do has transformed and is bringing wonderful results for me and the people I work with. I have shared the results with various people and have started getting many requests from people for a connection with him. Thank you and wish you grand success ahead, Ashwni.

- Nishit Srivastava
India Central Government Sales Lead -

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