​An amazing experience of my getting to know myself!!! Literally reclaiming my inner potential thru an interaction with my inner-self. An experience of identifying some hidden dark corners of emotions and subconscious experiences n feelings. The session helped me to identify, interact, unearth, introspect, appease and leverage some of my inner strengths. Made me a happier person showering unconditional love and compassion. Yoshita and Ashwini are the real gurus, who not only created the environment of guided meditation, program facilitation but became a part of my emotional structure and confidantes. Someone that I can reach out to get my inner peace n solace. Thank you Yoshita and Ashwini, you folks are exceptionally n absolutely awesome!!!

- Hanumant, Ex CEO of a Globally Leading and Large Multinational 

"I admit I signed up for the program with some scepticism, believing that only I could solve my own problems. And that in fact is also what I learnt in this workshop but from an entirely different point-of-view. I learnt that I am perhaps the only one standing in my own path to happiness. 
Connecting with the inner child was a very powerful experience for me. I realized that I had completely neglected my inner-self my entire adult life, consistently buried its voice and denied its very existence. Reclaiming and embracing that inner self freed my thinking on many levels, thus positively impacting my relationship with myself and also with my family. Suddenly there seemed to be a lot of clarity on issues that were unresolved. And this process continued long after the workshop was over. It was really amazing. 
Following the workshop I am taking care of myself better. I am also really listening -- deeply listening -- to what my son is trying to communicate with me. I continue to evaluate my relationships with my spouse, my parents and siblings with empathy and gain new insights every single day.
Please attend this workshop, I promise you won't regret it. In fact you will be very surprised with what you end up learning about yourself and the world around you! Thanks Ashwini and Yoshita for this fantastic experience! I am looking forward to signing up for the next inner adventure with you!"

 - Shilpa, Film Maker and a Mother

"I have so much to say that words defy me and when I am hearing my own thoughts now I'm amazed!
1. I'm amazed to understand my own anger and how it was never for or at people I have always expressed it at..
2. I understood how I never felt respected or appreciated. As I always repelled those feelings till date and hence lived in my own perception of myself in others eyes.
3. I am amazed to be able to see how I always felt unwanted and unworthy in my husbands eyes and how suddenly I realised I don't really know how he makes me feel as I never gave him that chance. No matter what he did I felt the same feeling - unwanted! 
And now like a sponge I'm free to absorb all emotions and energies I will receive from him. 
It was only me who made myself feel so unwanted and therefore that is all others could make me feel. Its amazing to realise this!
4. How and why I was repulsive of anyone making fun of anyone. Repulsive to the extent of getting offended for smallest of jokes directed at anyone and take the responsibility of 'correcting' the world n getting into conflicts!! My husband in return stopped speaking to me freely... years ago!
5. How n why I repeatedly felt life is not worth it. The pain is not worth it. I fought with this feeling harder and harder n it would go away only to come back every few days n attack me!! It was deep rooted within me..
6. There always was a coating of fear in everything I did. Every decision I made. I thought I never felt scared but still I never felt free. I realised through this workshop that all the time there was this fear in me. In reality, earlier I never felt carefree at all....but now suddenly I feel a big load has fallen off my back...I feel free and wanted for the first time !!
Yoshita and Ashwini, for the gratitude I feel for you today, a thousand thankyous won't do any justice. 
I feel my heart getting complete. I feel the pendulum that I have been has come to rest. 
I feel I'm healing.
'Healed' is a big word I know.. but that's exactly how I feel."

- S.B, a Corporate professional, a mother and a home maker

“Yoshita has a unique ability to connect with every participant at the core level and then help facilitate the growth.”

- Vinod, Director at a Global BPO

"You must take advantage. It is an awesome program with great outcomes and realizations and breakthroughs!!!"

Malvieka, Head HR India, Leading and Large MNC

“My peer and team engagement has improved significantly. I would strongly recommend Yoshita as a coach”

Vaibhav, General Manager, German Engineering MNC