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MD & Founder - A Brighter Life| Executive Leadership Coach| Self Mastery Coach| Master NLP Practitioner| Inner Transformation Coach

Ashwni Sharma


For over 2 decades Ashwni worked in leadership roles across multinational multicultural organisations in India, UK and USA. During the later part of his corporate tenure he chose to deepen his understanding of human consciousness and felt driven to work in the field of self-development and nurturing people's potential.

Ashwni since 8 years now, coaches leaders to lead more wisely and impactfully by helping them maximise their leadership effectiveness & uncover their inner-leader. He supports leaders to build high performance, highly engaged, self-aware and happy teams through Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Programs.

Ashwni is the Founder and Managing Director of a ABrighterLife. He is a Certified Executive Coach, Team Coach & Global Leadership Assessment Practitioner from Marshall Goldsmith, USA. He is a Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and an Inner-Child Therapist. He is also a Kriya Yogi (an ancient science of meditation and yoga) and a Self-Mastery Coach.

His passion for transforming lives 360 degrees, led him to specialise in various modalities that help leaders, change mindsets, sharpen clarity in decision making, strengthen emotional-resilience, enhance leadership effectiveness, achieve self-mastery and most of all - build a high-performance and happy culture in their organisation. 

Ashwni’s deep experiential knowledge together with practice and corporate experience, enables him to inspire others to think out of the box and let go of their growth-limiting mindsets.

Prior to venturing into leadership development, Ashwni was the Founding Member, COO and Business Head of HomeShop18, India's first live 24 hour TV and digital commerce platform. Ashwni was also Founding Member and Business Head of The Jewellery Channel, London, UK - a live virtual retail platform for precious jewellery. Both HomeShop18, India & The Jewellery Channel, UK went on to become market leaders and multimillion dollar companies. Prior to which, he had a successful tenure with The Coca-Cola Company for close to a decade in various sales and marketing roles. 

With his experience in multinational organisations and in pursuit of self mastery, he works with a 360 degree view, both horizontally & vertically. He facilitates deep insights that help C-suite leaders and organisations, consciously overcome the challenges they face in today’s fast paced, results driven environment.

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