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Breathe Easy 

Helps your employees with Proactive Approach to Dealing with Stress (1 Day Workshop)

Who is it for?

What to expect?

  • Relieves stress

  • Calm Mind

  • Fewer Mood swings

  • A better understanding of your mind and body

What is it about?

In a study reported in Business Insider of 200,000 employees over 30 organizations, 46% of people of corporate India reported stress. The impact of work stress is not only seen on the well-being of the employees but on the organization too. Employees who are stressed may not be capable of performing exactly as they have in the past, thus affecting their productivity and professional relationships.

The Breathe Easy program will help you, the participant, delve deeper into the understanding and mechanics of your body & mind so that you can avoid the stress that you create unknowingly in life. Not only will you understand your mind-body better, but in this one day program, you will also learn various powerful ancient and scientific techniques to relieve the stress you may have been accumulating.

In this program your employees will learn:

  • What is stress? Where does it come from?

  • Where/ How do I store stress?

  • The Body- Mind- Spirit connection

  • Dealing with Stress through Breath & Body Work

  • Learning Techniques and Practices of Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Practices of Gratitude and Positive Affirmations 

  • Celebrating with Dance & Music

Available Virtually: Yes

Rewa Ravneet Singh

Business Partner, Indigo

"A Brighter Life is indeed an organization focussed on creating brighter lives. I was lucky to have been part of one of their workshops, which certainly was an inner revelation. Thank you Ashwini and Yoshita for the experience of a lifetime."

 S.B, corporate professional

'Healed' is a big word I know.. but that's exactly how I feel."


Corporate Professional in a Fortune 500

"Participating in the Workshop was a truly transformational experience. Kudos to Ashwini and Yoshita for doing such meaningful work. It is unimaginably powerful."