Shilpa Mahna Bhatnagar

CEO and Co-Founder Evoxyz Technologies

“Yoshita has a sharp eye to correlate behavioral patterns and arrive at an insight."

I have had the chance of working with Yoshita for a period of 6 months. During this tenure I must say that as a coach and a mentor she has helped me to take the next leap towards professional goals. She has a sharp eye to correlate behavioral patterns and arrive at an insight. The insights she shared were meaningful, sharp and crisp so that it can be incorporated as a real feedback. She excels in her craft and is a constant source of education on matters which we take as "No Brainers". It has been a pleasure working with her. Her commitment to her work is infectious as she helped me achieve certain goals during here extremely challenging and testing personal times.A highly recommended and respected professional in her domain


Konika Chadha

Head of Professional Search, Headhunting MNC

“I found this program to be very helpful in addressing some of the questions I had and helping me in being self-aware. The two hours spent every week were worth it on my journey of knowing myself as me!"


Supriya Dhiman

Senior Manager HR in an MNC

"I would recommend this program to everybody...it is specifically beneficial for those who wants to take on the journey of self discovery and understand  the reasons and patterns behind their behaviour and feelings..it will not only help you get closer to your own true self , it will also teach you how to love yourself and most importantly how to accept your being...its a well structured program which involves a lot of deep introspection and reflection..the ease at which it is delivered by Yoshita is commendable....I have personally benefited out of this program and would strongly strongly recommend to others!"


Neha Saxena Shenoy

Human Resources Director for an MNC

"I loved the opportunity to reflect, rethink, and reframe age-old beliefs that we have been living with. This program was like a software update for mindsets. Would recommend this to those looking for a new way of being in this new normal. Thank you Yoshita!"