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Take decisive action to grow in your career as a leader

Executive Coaching

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Are you ready to grow to the next level in your career? Are you wondering what is next for you? Do you feel prepared and confident? Can you see what your next role will be? If you are in senior management, aspiring for a top management role or simply wanting to recalibrate and explore your choices, we can support you and enable you to get there quick with our proven executive coaching system!

Our Promise 

We prepare you to be ready & confident for your next career move as a top level executive

•Arrive at a clear career plan & take focused action in that direction

•Leverage your unique strengths combination to grow in your career

•Build executive presence & your unique brand of leadership

•Reach out to new opportunities and present yourself with more clarity & confidence

•Most importantly, stay consistent and focused on taking positive action towards your goals

Elements of a typical engagement

Most Comprehensive Executive Coaching Program For Leaders


Get amazing insights into your personality and discover your strengths, values, preferences in a work context. Get 360 degree feedback from key stakeholders.

Live Event - 4 hours face to face session

Get crystal clear about your career vision and design your goals and an action plan. Discover the limiting beliefs that have potential to sabotage your success & build strategies to overcome them.

10  Coaching sessions of 90 minutes each (fortnightly)

Get fortnightly coaching & 24X7 support to upgrade your leadership skills and work steadily to be absolutely ready for the next level role

Popular Themes for Executive Coaching

  • Self-awareness and self-mastery

  • Peer relationships & stakeholder management

  • Leadership and team management

  • Leading Change

  • Career/Role Transition

  • Executive Presence

  • Handling Uncertainty with resilience and agility

  • Hi-Impact Communication

  • Networking and personal branding

  • Developing the second line

  • Emotional Intelligence


Rahul (name changed) was a group Chief Strategy officer in a top Multinational Auto components group and also CEO for one of the companies. He wanted to work on his Executive Presence because being a CXO he was supposed to direct and conduct meetings at very senior levels, and ensure that right decisions are being taken which are in line with the organizational vision. He always perceived himself as someone who is very humble and modest and thus, had a great dislike for arrogant people. He never interfered even when his peers hijacked the agenda during the meetings because he did not want to be seen as an arrogant guy. He wanted to remain respectful at all times. As per initial assessment, he was lacking in assertiveness. His Coaching engagement involved about 6 coaching sessions.

Through coaching Rahul understood that being not rude or arrogant does not mean being silent. One can be assertive at times, when it is required to put across a point. We did some public speaking engagements as a part of his role that helped him to build his confidence. He started creating many opportunities in his company for public speaking so that he can be seen. He also started putting conscious efforts in building one to one relationships with peers and stakeholders. Very soon he also started to have pre meeting talks with his peers so that agenda is clear to all. He was able to influence a major decision in his company because of his improved communication skills. Even his stakeholders agreed that they have seen a significant change in his level of assertiveness, confidence and self-expression as a leader.

Shilpa Mahna Bhatnagar

CEO and Co-Founder Evoxyz Technologies

“Yoshita has a sharp eye to correlate behavioral patterns and arrive at an insight."

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Sanjeev Goyal.jpg

Sanjeev Goel


“Yoshita is an excellent coach & helped me in complete transformation of myself”

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Alok Karkera.jpg

Alok Karkera

Group Head @ Axis Bank | Ex Banker @ Citi

“I have been able to handle situations and my approach to people and professional situations in far better manner than before."

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Krishnaraj Vanavadiya.jpg

Krishnaraj Vanavadiya

Vice President & General Manager at Wipro Limited

“I really benefited being a part of this very effective and results focused leadership program."

Will Linssen.jpg

Will Linssen

Marshall Goldsmith Coaching

“Ashiwini inspires leaders

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Director at a Global BPO

” I personally experienced the transformation of all the individuals who went through this program."

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