Loving Your Inner Critic

How to handle that Inner voice that pulls you down and stops you from pursuing your goals

I am delighted that you are considering this program of self discovery and self transformation.


This is a program spread over 7 Saturdays with mid week assignments over whatsapp... it is deep deep work to figure out the various voices in your head..the inner critic and the inner child being the key.


We deal with so much negative self talk...the way we talk to ourselves inside our head is not how we talk to anyone else. We belittle, we scoff, we browbeat...and we self doubt. Happens to all of us.


This is for you if you feel the need to

1. Up Your Confidence

2. Take more Risks in life

3. Empower your Inner Dialogue

4. Be More Loving to Self

5. Increase your effectiveness at work

6. Understand others better

What to expect

Through this program, you can really discover hidden aspects of your personality and get answers to "why am I the way I am" This gets you started on a journey of self acceptance and self love and sets you free in your heart and mind!

This program draws on the work of some great personalities like

Hal & Sidra Stone

Lucia Cappachione

Louise Hay

Byron Katie

We will also use some NLP in innovative ways to deal with the Inner Critic better

Here are the topics we will cover








Day Zero: One of our participants came to the program with a heavyweight Inner Critic. Look at the picture below to see how her Inner Critic spoke to her inside her head. Imagine what if would be like.

After about 6 weeks, almost to the end of the program, I asked her what she felt about the Inner Critic. and this drawing of hers,  This is what she had to say:

​ "I feel that it’s not true anymore. I feel thankful for the way I am. My body is healthy and fit and I’ve got gratitude for that. I feel that there are so many people who don’t have what I do. So I’ve started being grateful every day. I’ve realized that I need to accept myself and keep going every day to become a better version of myself. I’m beautiful. more on the inside than the outside and that’s a rarity these days. Major feelings are of gratitude and acceptance."

I connected again after 30 days of the program to check in and see if there was any sustainable impact. Here is what she said.

"Acceptance is the most important one. Earlier I would be constantly anxious about future and overthink a lot. I used to ignore the screams of my inner child. Now I have become aware and more intuitive. I journal when I start overthinking. But I make sure I’m not ignoring my inner child. I am trying to bridge the gap between the critic and child. And I’m at peace. I think whatever happens will be for the best. And everything happens for a reason. I have started to take life as it comes. "

Konika Chadha

Head of Professional Search, Headhunting MNC

Neha Saxena Shenoy

Human Resources Director for an MNC

"I loved the opportunity to reflect, rethink, and reframe age-old beliefs that we have been living with."

Supriya Dhiman

Senior Manager HR in an MNC

"I would recommend this program to everybody...it is specifically beneficial for those who wants to take on the journey of self discovery and understand  the reasons and patterns behind their behaviour and feelings."

Niloufer Aga

Leadership Facilitator

"The program helped me understand I need to be kinder and more compassionate towards my inner child."

RajKumari Achtani

Leadership Facilitator

"Not only did this program exceed my expectation, but also sparked a feeling of reassurance and a fundamental belief that things are changing for the better for all of us in the group."

Nidhi Aggarwal

Leadership & Life Coach

"I am so grateful to Yoshita for her initiative on the Inner work, first the Inner Child program I benefited from, way back in 2016, and now the Inner Critic Program that she launched."

Iti Mattoo

Senior IT Professional for Indian IT Giant

"It gives valuable tools which open up a whole new perspective of 'loving & accepting oneself' and understanding others and their actions"

Smriti Goenka

Human Resources Director for an MNC

"Loving your Inner Critic was a path-breaking and mind-opening experience for me. It is a fantastic program and I recommend it to everyone."

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