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Powerful Presentations

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Up your Executive Presence and give yourself a career boost through this Intensive Workshop on making Powerful Presentations.

Enables you to up your Executive Presence and give you a career boost through this Intensive Workshop on making Powerful Presentations.


Whether you are talking to a client, trying to influence your seniors, inspiring the team or just reporting the quarterly performance to the board, the sooner you will master the art of making powerful presentations, the sooner you will be on the path of building your professional brand.

  • Executives

  • Senior Executives

  • Founders

What to expect?

At the end of this workshop you will:

  • Be more confident to present ideas

  • Be an impactful communicator

  • Individualized transformational feedback about  style and mannerism

  • Confidence Hacks - how to appear more confident than you are feeling

  • A deeper understanding of mindset and how it works for or against you

  • Proven tools that work for the world’s best presenters

  • A model to create a powerful storyline that will influence seniors/ clients

  • Insight into non-verbal communication

  • ​Intensive hands-on practice

  • Crystal clear action plan to increase impact as a communicator

Who is it for?

Program Content

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Coach : Yoshita Swarup Sharma

My entire career over the last 2 decades has been about making presentations... I started out as a marketer  (a brand manager) who used to make presentations almost every week  for 12 long years to different stakeholders : Sales Leadership, Management Committee,  Team Members, Partner Agencies etc.

I later became a Leadership Coach & Facilitator and have spent most of the last decade running workshops for leaders of  top organizations across Banking, Consumer Products, IT services and so on.

So it would be fair to say that I do presentations for a living.

​See you at the workshop!!

Sanjay Jain

Senior VP , Corporate Finance, Large Auto-components Group

"Yoshita perfoms very precise diagnosis and that becomes base for building on strengths and working on improvement areas."

Vinod Radhakrishnan

Country Manager, IT- ES Organisation

I had the opportunity to work with Yoshita on a wholesome leadership development program employed for a group of budding talent within our organization ... the results of which are outstanding today.


Program Manager

"I attended a two day workshop facilitated by Yoshita. I had somehow gone to the workshop with low expectations not fully knowing what to expect."

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