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executive coaching programs to overcome procrastination and anxiety

Executive Coaching 

Combining the power of inner transformation with outer leadership actions, based on stakeholder feed-forward

Executive Coaching
Best executive coach-the mastery of self and  ceo leadership coaching

The more senior a leader becomes, the more he/she struggles with high expectations, time pressure, loneliness, and a need to build new skills like managing key relationships, development of a second line, leading change, inspiring & influencing, and so on.

Who is it For?

What to expect?

  • Becoming more self-aware of how one's Strengths & Values drive behavior

  • Understanding what is impacting your success.

Hi Potential Leaders 

Who is it For?

high potential leaders leadership coaching and leadership growth for

Executive coaching for the next generation of leaders who are on their growth path but may need support to make the transition smoothly.

What to expect?

  • Understanding what will enable and disable growth of the leader.

  • Identifying the development areas through a stakeholder feedback process & creating action plan.

corporate coach to build public speak skills and Project Stakeholder management programs

Being a founder can be a very lonely journey full of challenges, ups and downs, and a large measure of self-doubt.

Who is it For?

What to expect?

  • Insight into the drivers and impediments of the leader’s success

  • Sounding Board/ Mentor/ Coach as desired

  • Clarity on how to manage the chaotic startup environment more effectively

Startup Founders
how to improve public speaking skills and Effective communication skills

Leaders are quite busy and can have certain challenges and dilemmas that need immediate resolution or want to quickly upskill on specific skills in a One to One environment. Hence, we offer Super Intensive Coaching Day for the leaders who are driving your business

Who is it For?

What to expect?

  • Quick Upskilling, 

  • Bullet  sessions to solve a specific challenge  around executive presence or communication or resolving conflicts among management team.

Super Intensive Coaching day

Our Coaches


Ashwni Sharma

MD & Founder- A Brighter Life I Executive Leadership Coach I Self Mastery Coach I Master NLP Practitioner I Inner Transformation Coach

Yoshita Swarup Sharma - Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Career Coach

Yoshita Swarup Sharma

Founder & CEO - A Brighter Life | ICF Certified Executive Coach  | Leadership facilitator | NLP Practitioner| Inner Transformation Specialist

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