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A proactive approach for your people to enable them in dealing with stressors and invest in their mental and emotional well being ( 1 day Program)

Who is it for?

What to expect?

A powerful capsule that shares many scientific and effective tools to keep the mind alert, energised, mindful and optimistic

Program Benefits

  • Learn practices that lead to better awareness, focus and conscious living

  • Learn to Respond rather than React.

What is it about?

Mindful Living means maintaining an awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens. ... When we practice mindfulness, our thoughts tune into what we're sensing in the present moment rather than rehashing the past or imagining the future.


This helps people to be more conscious and alert of what's happening around them. It helps them to focus on the task at hand and put in their 100%. It helps them to understand other's viewpoints in a better way, be patient, and respond rather than react. It helps them to be more alert of their unconscious bias and be kind to themselves and others.

This program address

  • Stresses of Everyday Life & Changes in the VUCA world

  • Benefits of Mindfulness

  • How to cultivate Mindfulness

  • Understanding the Power of Choice in any situation


Kiera Tchelistcheff


“The GMC was a life-enhancing experience and I can highly recommend it." The Global Mindfullness Circle was inspiring and beneficial, especially since part of it was held during the Covid-19 quarantine in France, and the GMC made the months of confinement that much easier. I had started doing daily meditation at the beginning of the lockdown, however Ashwini taught us helpful techniques that I've added to my practice which much to my surprise is ongoing. The fact that it's a ten-week programme facilitates creating and keeping a mind, body, soul routine.The GMC was a life-enhancing experience and I can highly recommend it to novices and initiates alike." 


Maryline William-Smith

 “It has been very helpful to improve my husband’s state of health."Ashwini gave precious support to the group of participants from the Global Mindfulness Circle batch I belong to here in Europe, during the worst episode of the Coronavirus lock-down. The weekly sessions were truly a Godsend for me and helped me find peace and some sort of serenity in the face of a general panicky atmosphere. My husband is very elderly and although he did not join the actual sessions with me, we started very early on to set up a daily early morning energy & breathing exercise routine which has turned out to be very successful and healing for him. To the point that every evening he asks if there will be time the following morning for our breathing session. It has been very helpful to improve his state of health. We had our GP visit him this Friday and she is delighted with his progress, he breathes better, sleeps much better, walks better and seems to have lost some 10 years according to her ! Cannot find a better compliment than that. Thank you so much Ashwini and God bless"


Donatella Pigato

Buyer at Bizzotto, Italy

“It helped me to put some order in my life and prioritize goals  related to work and family. ​I left my sourcing job after 8 years as I was on the verge of a burn-out. I felt that nothing and nobody could help me recharge my batteries anymore. That’s when I got in touch with Ashwini. He helped me to find the right and simple way of taking care of my health. Things have improved drastically and I now feel really energetic to take on the challenges. I am getting closer to my goals with great speed… I am sure that this is only the beginning! I have benefited immensely from Ashwini’s work & exercises and I am sure so will others…. GRAZIE (THANK YOU!) ASHWINI…..” 

You can book a free consultation with us if you are keen to explore Career coaching or Leadership coaching to accelerate your career. 

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