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Executive Presence 

Executive Presence is an intensive 90-day leadership development program for senior leaders in your organisation having more than 15 years of experience. Through this program, leaders will be able to use their unique, authentic style to motivate & inspire others.

Who is it for?

What to Expect?

A comprehensive deep dive to enhancing the leader’s Executive Presence with emphasis on the Being state and its linkages with the Doing state. The leader will emerge stronger and more confident because he/she would have gone through a combination of inside-out and outside-in interventions in this highly experiential program.


  • Increased Self Awareness

  • Enhanced Executive Communication

  • Develop Emotional Intelligence

Program Contents

  • Live projects

  • Mindfulness practices

  • One on one coaching sessions

  • Group coaching calls for individuals as well as group learning.


Sanjay was a Vice President of Finance in a well-known multinational company. He was in global roles for the last 20-25 years and moved to the corporate finance role for the first time. However, there was so much ambiguity that he was finding it difficult to adjust to the work environment in India. He was a top performer and his organization was keen to look at him as a strategic partner for the business. He looked at finance as a very operational role and has been working for 14 to 16 hours a day, but was not in line with his strategic work. As per the initial assessment, there were two main challenges. First, to make him add strategic value to his function. Secondly, building his credibility with his stakeholders in his new and very important role. This coaching engagement lasts for a year.


Through the coaching process, he had a greater understanding of how finance can play a strategic role in the Organization. Sanjay defined few projects which had a huge impact on the way the finance was operating across the organization and the 32 companies that were operating as a part of the group.  He was able to identify a few people development projects, IT-enabled Projects and made significant progress. We also worked on his communication impact- How to reframe his communication to be more direct, hard-hitting and engaging. We shared personalized video-based feedbacks, which helped him to see himself differently. His seniors said that they have seen a remarkable difference in the way he was conducting himself in the office.


Vipul Garg

DGM-Program Management at Comviva

“Her workshops are highly engaging, full of activities, sprinkled with anecdotes.


I attended a two day 'Leading-Excellence Program' facilitated by Yoshita. I had somehow gone to the workshop with low expectations not fully knowing what to expect. However the program turned out to be very lively, high energy workshop driven by the strength of Yoshita's personality. It was highly engaging, full of activities, sprinkled with anecdotes which helped me learn about various dimensions of leadership. The program was well designed and carried out flawlessly. I would strongly recommend Yoshita as a Leadership Coach and would encourage participating the workshops facilitated by her."

Shikha Nautiyal

Account Director, LinkedIn

“His expert guidance can help channelize energies in the right direction to create a positive impact in all spheres of your life. Ashwini is a great mentor who adds a lot of value in the shortest of interactions, as he did in my case, by asking very insightful questions, identifying triggers and crafting a meaningful dialogue that marks the beginning of a transformative journey. His expert guidance can help channelize energies in the right direction to create a positive impact in all spheres of your life"


National Sales Head, German MNC

"It was truly a worthwhile engagement. I discovered blind spots which were coming in way of effectiveness of my leadership and I was very resistant to it. Here the role played by Yoshita was superb. She made me finally come to terms with these and accept them. I would recommend Yoshita to anyone who is sincerely looking forward to self-improvement. She is an extremely capable coach, who can help others develop through her structured and professional approach, which rests on perseverance and sincerity."