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Ascend: Growing Women Leaders 

Ascend is a customized long term program for organizations at the top of the diversity pyramid. It helps to break the feminine inner glass ceiling to manifest world-class leadership potential. This program involves workshops, coaching sessions & projects to deliver tangible business impact.

Who is it for?


At the end of the 6-month leadership program, specially designed for women,

Get a pool of confident leaders who:

  • Use strengths in new ways to deliver outstanding  business results

  • Are bold & courageous communicators and drive better team performance

  • Are more influential as negotiators  & resolve conflicts and problems faster

  • Are ready & willing to take on greater responsibility in the organization

What to expect

  • Improve Self Awareness around strengths & limiting beliefs

  • Explore & develop a unique leadership brand

  • Upgrade leadership capacity

  • Create a career vision & strategy

  • Real-time along with 24/7 coaching support


Director, Real Estate MNC

Director, Real Estate MNC

“All the preparation with Yoshita really helped me land the top leadership role. After working with Yoshita in a structured manner, I was able to upgrade my leadership style significantly and I took several initiatives to engage my team better. It made me very confident and certain on how to present myself to the board. All the preparation with Yoshita really helped me land the top leadership role I had been aspiring for! Felt awesome!"

Smitha Jadhav

I am so grateful that I attended and followed this program. The program has allowed me to literally rediscover myself and I feel better equipped for better management at work as well as in personal life. The program is very well structured with proven exercises. You need to believe in every exercise, take out the dedicated time to do it and do it from your heart. You would be amazed with the results!

Amita Bhakkad 

"Fantastic program which makes you aware of things which are inside you. You will find a new version of yourself for sure!! Yoshita is a fabulous trainer who make sure everyone is participating and opening up"


India Lead for a Global placement firm

“I am super satisfied at work and also have flexibility to manage my home front! Post sabbatical, I was keen to get back to work but not a regular corporate job. Brainstorming with Yoshita led to options I had never considered before. Within 6 weeks I joined an MNC placement firm as a Practice Lead! I absolutely enjoy the work that I do now and am now a part of the India leadership team. I am super satisfied at work and also have flexibility to manage my home front!“

Shama Adhikari

"Yoshita is an amazing facilitator. She connects with the group so effortlessly and is such a warm and welcoming person that participants have no inhibitions in sharing and participating fully in the program. The program is absolutely wonderful. It has helped reduce the clutter in my mind and added a lot of value into my life. Yoshita is an amazing trainer with a very warm personality.Thank you Yoshita, for the wonderful program."