High Potential Leaders leading through change and Leadership Success

Grow Hi Potential Leaders & support their role transitions

Executive Coaching for Hi Potential Leaders 

Executive coaching for the next generation of leaders who are on their career growth path but may need support to make the transition smoothly.

Who is it for?

What to Expect?

  • Understanding what will enable and disable the Leadership Growth of a leader.

  • Identifying the Leadership development areas through a stakeholder feedback process & creating action plan.

  • Regular coaching conversations and monitoring progress to create behavior shifts

Common Themes

  • Managing Teams & Driving Performance

  • Leading through change

  • Influencing without Authority

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Building relationships

  • Assertive Communication

Elements of a typical engagement

  • Strength scope 360  

  • 1/2-day shadowing 

  •  9 sessions 

  • 1 impact measurement


Will Linssen

Founder & CEO Global Coach Group 

"Leaders require courage, humility and discipline to lead and drive change in their organizations and Ashwni inspires leaders to do just that. Ashwni is very skilled in using Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching for coaching and leadership development and combines such with his rich business and leadership experience. Ashwni really walks the talk with leaders as he leverages his personal leadership courage, humility and discipline to inspire leaders to do the same. Ashwni is a pleasure to work with and great with leaders who are committed to leadership!"



Director at a Global BPO

“Yoshita has a unique ability to connect with every participant at the core level and then help facilitate the growth. I personally experienced the transformation of all the individuals who went through this program. She was precise, encouraging, thought provoking, got them out of their comfort zones and importantly, held them accountable.”


Shikha Nautiyal

Account Manager, Amazon Web Services

"Ashwni is a great mentor who adds a lot of value in the shortest of interactions, as he did in my case, by asking very insightful questions, identifying triggers and crafting a meaningful dialogue that marks the beginning of a transformative journey. His expert guidance can help channelize energies in the right direction to create a positive impact in all spheres of your life."


Krishnaraj Vanavadiya

Vice President VLSI & System HW Engineering - Wipro

"I became a more impactful leader and made substantial career progress in 9 months. Within 2 months, with Ashwni's coaching, I made considerable headway at work, such as communicating more effectively and building trust with my stakeholders. I restructured my team and developed a razor sharp focus on my key deliverables, to increase the team productivity over the next few months. This resulted in enhanced satisfaction levels of my stakeholders. I really benefited being a part of this very effective and results focussed leadership program. I would strongly recommend this program to all leaders who are serious about their career development."


Ritu Tanwar

Deputy Director- Corporate Communication

"I was privileged to get trained by Yoshita as part of 'Shikhar'- an initiative by my organization to develop potential leaders. I say 'privileged' because when you are starting on a self-awareness and development journey, you need a trainer who is invested in you not just in terms of time and energy but emotionally as well. Yoshita is a fantastic trainer and a coach but what makes her remarkable is that she could help each Shikhar participant in a very personalized way. To lead and train a group that is diverse in roles and have different definitions of growth, is both an art and a skill. Thank you, Yoshita."


Harish Sharma

Regional Manager - Dell Technologies

"Coaching with Ashwni almost felt like I was recalibrating myself! My reactions to situations and people have calmed down and I have learnt to deal with situations with a balanced mind and enthusiasm. 
I have learnt techniques, how to transform professional & personal relationships, achieve self-respect, self-confidence, decision making, and how to win people with authenticity, simplicity, and humility. Ashwni’s 360 Degree support and commitment to his coachee’s success is his key differentiator. I would recommend Ashwni for his deep understanding of human behaviour, his immense exposure to the corporate world, and his years of spiritual and psychological practices."


Reeja Pillai

Manager Operations Amazon

Ashwni opened my eyes to the vastness of learning’s that still lies ahead. Everything starts with us within and the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead of us is ours to see and achieve. Believe in ourselves and to forgive and be kind to us first. Thank you Ashwni I still look forward to the guidance that you provide. I was very blessed to have met you! 

Vaibhav Agwan.jfif

Vaibhav Agwan

Country Business Unit Lead - Siemens

“My peer and team engagement has improved significantly. I would strongly recommend Yoshita as a coach”



Senior Vice President in a Top Banking Firm

"Ashwni, through his splendid coaching methodology, supported me to explore issues, brainstorm alternatives, prepare charts and trackers and carefully plan the way forward. In just 12 weeks I was ready to take my life to the next level. Every session, sorted my mind step by step and today I feel I am ready to face the second innings of my life with energy, ideas and an undying confidence."

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