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Leadership  Development Programs

Offering deeper insight into human psychology to understand self & others and be an effective leader


Leadership  Development Programs

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Enable your leaders to discover themselves – their strengths, beliefs, values & authenticity. They will feel encouraged to bring their entire self to work. Authentic Leaders inspire others to be more and do more.

Who is it For?

What to expect?

  • A program on humane leadership, that reminds leaders of the basics of respect, trust, truth, vulnerability, mindfulness and heartful decision making.

  • A deep dive into their own psychology


Who is it For?

life coach for women leadership training and developing women leaders

Ascend is a customized long term program for organizations at the top of the diversity pyramid.

What to expect?

  • Improve Self Awareness around strengths & limiting beliefs

  • Explore & develop a unique leadership brand

  • Upgrade leadership capacity

  • Create a career vision & strategy

  • Real-time along with 24/7 coaching support

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Organizations that will adopt this Authentic Relationships program would benefit by creating a culture of collaboration, faster decision making, more innovation,  lesser conflicts, and more trust and transparency in the organization.

Who is it For?

What to expect?

A 2 Day deep dive into interpersonal effectiveness, using psychological principles and tools for having difficult conversations

Executive Presence

Executive Presence is an intensive 90-day leadership development program for senior leaders in your organisation having more than 15 years of experience.

Who is it For?

What to expect?

A comprehensive deep dive to enhancing the leader’s Executive Presence with emphasis on the Being state and its linkages with the Doing state.

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