Life Coaching

Take positive action to build the life you always wanted

Do you find yourself wondering whether you should have a life coach? A coach is a most useful ally for you in order to create the life that you always wanted and to be the person that you aspire to be. The role of a coach is not to advise, counsel, mentor but to actually expand your thought process , your awareness and to make sure that you are making progress in the direction of your goals. If you would like a person who can hold you accountable to the life of your dreams, then a life coach is your best bet

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants a personal or professional outcome in their life and is willing to take focussed action towards it

  • Becoming more self-aware of how one's Strengths & Values drive behavior

  • Understanding what is impacting & limiting your success.

  • Identifying the development areas through a deep feedback process & creating action plan.

  • Holding self accountable to taking concrete action towards your goals

  • Goal Clarity Conversation

  • Identification of Challenges & Key Success Factors

  • Exploration of Options, Creation of Action Plan

  • Tools, techniques, and resources that help you to take action steps towards achieving their  goals or dreams

  • If needed, some therapeutic processes can be used to clear limiting beliefs

Program Contents

What to expect?

Sakshi Pasricha

"Yoshita is an excellent coach. My experiences with her in past n present has always been motivating. She is a great listener and her understanding towards her subject and her client is truly commendable. She really knows how to catch the fish in a minute. She not only understands your issues but helps you to resolve and move on with positive attitude."

Tania Madan

"She has been great ... extremely patient and been an amazing companion in my personal self discovery journey. She creates a safe space for you to share and that’s where learning happens."

Gauri Lahiri

"Yoshita is a wonderful coach. Very calm and is a good listener. She shows empathy. One gets connected to her immediately and starts sharing their personal experiences, she develops that faith."