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A Meditation and Mindfulness Mastery Program

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I am delighted that you are considering this 28 days program of self discovery, transformation, meditation and mindfulness.

This is a program spread over 5 Thursdays with midweek videos, meditations and assignments. 

MindFit is for you if you would like to

  • Understand your life & yourself better

  • Discover hidden feelings

  • Learn to let-go of of your emotional baggages 

  • Gain high power energy 

  • Learn how to transform your thought patterns & limiting beliefs 

  • Alter your state of being

  • Calm down mental chatter with powerful meditation techniques

  • Learn to live your day to day life more consciously and mindfully 

  • Understand your oneness with all

Through this program, you can discover and learn about some hidden aspects of your Body, Emotions, Mind, Energy & Soul. You will  learn how to gain high power energy and alter your state of being to be able to take on life's challenges and calm down mental chatter. You will learn some time tested powerful meditation & Mindfulness techniques, so that you can live a more healthy, happy, resilient and high performance life. on a day to day basis.

Mindfit draws on the works of some great Masters & Personalities like

  • My Guru, Shri Paramhansa Yogananda - Autobiography of a Yogi

  • Shri Patanjali - Ashtanga Yoga Sutras

  • Shri OSHO

  • Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh - Vietnamese Monk

  • Rhonda Byrne

  • Dr. Newton Kondaveti - Quantum Life University

  • Eric Edmeades - WildFit

MODULE 1: Body, Breath & Mind 
MODULE 2: Emotions, Energy & Letting-Go
MODULE 3: Thoughts & Willpower. 
MODULE 4: Belief System, Limiting Thoughts & Patterns
MODULE 5: Self, Consciousness & Evolution

MindFit sessions facilitate

  • Step by step Learning - of scientifically designed meditation & practices 

  • Learning & Practice - of simple yet powerful meditation techniques

  • Practical day to day techniques & tips - on food, thoughts, habits and over all lifestyle to master mindful living

  • Live Guided meditation and emotional catharsis techniques - Topic for each session is carefully selected to cover all inner aspects such as body, mind, energy system, emotions, subconscious self and the art of letting go

  • Q&A & understanding of the daily practices and mindfulness tips - to be practiced between two sessions​ 

  • Stay in constant touch with the members and Aashwini - through FB or whatsapp groups, for any questions or sharing

What to expect

Here are the topics we will cover

Community Support

Every session is a LIVE online session allowing you to interact with Aashwini & others. Be a part of the Tribe: You are enrolled into a Tribe so that there is more fun, sharing & clarity in learning as a part of the group / community

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Mindfulness & Meditation

You will not only learn techniques to meditate like a pro and be more mindful, you will also learn very effective ways to eat right, keep your mind calm and in a positive state


It's designed for you if you are looking for ways to shake yourself out of your current situation through emotional release, revitalising thoughts & mindfulness techniques, so that you can move forward with vigour and vitality.

New Habits

You will learn a daily practice, which is really effective, fits into your schedule, is easy to do and something you can enjoy doing everyday in 20 mins

Build Immunity

It will enhance your immunity, increase Oxygen levels build  your lung capacity and your overall health


Facilitator: Aashwini Sharma

MindFit is conducted live by Aashwini Sharma, Founder, A Brighter Life & Global Mindfulness Circle

Aashwini is a mindfulness coach with a meditation practice of 8000+ hours in the last 15 years. He is also a 360° Life Transformation Coach and a Certified Executive Coach from Marshall Goldsmith USA. He is also a Kriya Yogi, which is an ancient science of Meditation & Self Mastery by "Paramhansa Yogananda- Autobiography of a Yogi fame".
His passion about transforming lives - 360 degrees, led him to specialise in mindfulness, subconscious therapy, health & nutrition, breath-work, energy work, emotional therapy, hypnotherapy, meditation and mindset change. He packs most of his experience & learning into this program. Moreover his deep knowledge together with practice and experience enables him to inspire others to think out of the box and let go of their growth-limiting ways of life.

Rana Anand

Senior Official in a top Multinational Company

"I feel so much positivity in my life. My energy levels are great! I am calmer, and I find this experience invigorating! It has been a very long time since I have felt generally "good" about life, and I am enjoying this space"


Health & Lifestyle Coach, Malaysia

"The exercises each week helped to shed light on areas of my life and my past where healing and forgiveness needed to occur. The program deepened my understanding of myself and hidden self beliefs that have been holding me back and which had created seemingly unsolvable problems in my life - such as self-sabotage."

Dr. Usha Raina

"This workshop improved my meditation. Now I can concentrate much better first time feel I know correct way to do meditation Breathing exercises are wonderful now I am much positive happier calm n feel blessed"


Delhi, India

"My journey of Mindfit program with Ashwini Sir has been exceptionally good, as I achieved more than what I desired from this."

Maryline William-Smith

​"The weekly sessions were truly a Godsend for me and helped me find peace and some sort of serenity in the face of a general panicky atmosphere."

Sandeep Sharma

Businessman, India

"It has round-out my personal observations and awareness, as I could discuss these in a context, free from the values in which I have grown myself."


Self employed, India

"Mindfit is an excellent program. The program has helped me with Forgiveness, which I was not able to do for a very long time."

Jean Voon

Health & Lifestyle Coach, Malaysia

"The exercises each week helped to shed light on areas of my life and my past where healing and forgiveness needed to occur."

Kiera Tchelistcheff


"The program was inspiring and beneficial, especially since part of it was held during the Covid-19 quarantine in France, and it made the months of confinement that much easier."


Retired Govt. Servant, India

"I feel that my meditation practice has considerably improved. I am more peaceful and calm and able to take everything in its stride with much less stress."

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"Aashwini, thanks. Appreciate all you do to uplift, you're an incredible inspiration"

"Thanks so much Aashwini! You have really made this a special experience for so many."

"Thank you so much Aashwini Sharma. You are such an inspiration to all of us. As soon as I see your smiling face, I pause... it's an automatic reflex now. You remind me to just sit, breathe, relax and live in the moment. You have made such an impression on me and I am eternally grateful for your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"

Aashwini Sharma I'm now supergiad and proud that I did that, for all the good vibes not to go unnoticed! --- I am trully grateful we had your energy lighting up our paths in our dark moments and hours of need, and as well lifting us up with "wisdom meals" Blessed be, kind soul! 

Thank you Aashwini Sharma, for all of your incredible videos, and for your help and encouragement through this amazing process. Also, thank you for bringing a spiritual perspective to this. I really appreciated that a lot. 


​"If you look at our mind closely, then you will find that when we are sad, angry or regret something, our mind has moved to the past. When we are anxious, stressed or nervous, then our mind has moved to the future. And when we are enthusiastic, creative, happy and peaceful, then our mind is in the present moment. It is the oscillation of the mind between the past and the future, of regretting the past and being anxious about the future, that is called stress.

A mind that is not in the present moment affects our health in a negative way on the physical and mental level, causing stress which creates toxins in the body, lowering our immune system and having many more negative effects if it continues for a longer time. And as nowadays our lifestyle and surroundings have become much more stressful than ever before, being exposed to so many more stimuli, the need to increase our mindfulness has become more than ever before.

When our mind is not in the present moment, we cannot perform at our full capacity, we make mistakes, our perception, observation and expression gets affected" (Credits: Swami Purnachaitanya )

When our practice or training in meditation, becomes more and more deep and effective...we begin to become more mindful in our daily lives.

Therefore practice of Meditation is key to being Mindful and Resilient in Life.