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12 Mantras to Transform Failure into a Success-Launcher!!

Each one of us, including the world’s most famous personalities, has experienced setbacks in his or her life. We have heard of many stories of successful leaders like Steve Jobs and Mahatma Gandhi who were undaunted by failure and went on to rewrite world history. But unlike Jobs or Gandhi, there are also many people who are not able to emerge out of failure as successfully and wonderfully. What's the difference? Though enough material is already available on success and failure, many people still get muddled and cannot transform failure effectively into success. Also one gets so ‘used to’ the ongoing reality of failure that one is not able to conjure up the 'will power' and 'necessary ideas' to take the leap.

Therefore these 12 mantras are simple but not easy.

Anyway, before we move on to the mantras for success, here’s a disclaimer. If we are not doing what ‘we like,' success is going to be a difficult journey from the word go. Today everybody is in so much of a hurry to succeed that this prerequisite is ignored. So before you start on the same path again, re-assess and assure yourself that you are on the right path. A path which fills you up with passion. ‘If we don't love it, we cannot put in our 100% and cannot persist to succeed!’