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5 Tips to Practice Self Love

I remember the day as if it was yesterday. She was a participant in our workshop who had walked in early and came up to me as I was putting finishing touches to the training room set-up. She said to me that she had joined this workshop as she wanted to learn about Self Love. “What does it mean? Can you tell me how to be more loving towards myself? I don’t understand it! “

I admit, the questions threw me off-guard. And I don’t remember how I answered, but it was not a convincing answer to my own ears. That was 5 years ago. Today, I have a better understanding.

Often, in our culture, we are expected to love & serve everyone and put others above ourselves in a gallant effort of self-sacrifice. While I believe in the power of service that emanates from love, I really question the adage of self- sacrifice emanating from a sense of duty and social expectation. It is my hypothesis that self- sacrifice, builds resentment which leads to bitterness & disease.

So if the same lady walks up to me today, here is what I would tell her about loving herself.