A Brighter Life - Bright Diwali Meditation

We have all wished each other on this wonderful occasion of lights and celebrations. Now you can also share your wishes, joy and gratefulness in a different way.. by trying this 10 step "Bright Diwali Meditation", which we have especially created for you all, this Diwali ...(it looks long but once you go through it, you will find it fairly simple to remember and do. Do read it)

1. Sit cross legged with your spine erect but body relaxed. Keep your palms relaxed, facing upwards. Rest them on your thighs or knees. (You can also sit on a chair but don't rest your back. Keep your feet flat on the floor and knees at 90 degrees)

2. With your eyes gently closed, get your attention to your nostrils and watch your breath go in and out. Do this for 1-2 mins to relax yourself or do it till your breath becomes calm.

3. Then take one more slow deep breath and with your eyes still closed, lift your gaze up and get your attention between your eyebrows. Don't exert any pressure on your eyes and if you are not able to focus.. slightly pinch the skin in the middle of the eyebrows to start.

4. Visualize a flame of bright, healing light or flame of a bright Diya... in the center of your head. ('behind' the middle of the eyebrows)

5. Now visualize the flame of light expand slowly and flow into each pore and cell of your body..first your brain and skull, then entire head, face, eyes, ears, mouth, throat, neck...let the bright light expand and heal each and every part of your body..

6. Continue downwards in the following order..visualize the light pour into your neck and shoulder area, flowing into the arms till the tip of your fingers. Now let the light flow into your chest, your lungs, entire rib cage, your heart and entire chest area.

7. Visualize the light flow in to your spine from top to bottom and let the light also heal and fill in the entire back; then let it illumine all the organs in the stomach one by one and let it flow downwards to fill in the rest of your body... through your legs, till your toe.

(as you visualize the light fill your body, lovingly command it to heal, nourish, relax and rejuvenate every part you are focussing on from head to toe)

8. Imagine the light pouring out or overflowing from every cell of your body and make a bright cocoon of light around you so that you are submerged in the divine healing light in and around you.

9. Now with immense gratefulness and love, visualize the light spread further and further all around you...let it envelop all animate and inanimate; fortunate and not so fortunate; happy and not so happy beings, alike...let it brighten everybody's, every sentient being's life!!

Let the light spread through your home, then expand to the area or colony you reside in. Expand further into the city, then district, state, country you reside in. Keep expanding your light further and further into the entire mother earth and then further into the solar system, galaxy and the entire universe. With immense gratefulness and love, become One with the whole of existence by sharing and spreading the light...

10. Take a deep breath and rub the palm of your hands vigorously 20-30 times and then put one palm on your forehead and one on your heart for a few seconds. You will be surprised with the energy you have in your palms. Gently open your eyes.

Happy and Bright Diwali to one and all!!