Happy Teacher's Day

On teacher's day I was reflecting and lovingly remembering my Gurus and Teachers and the list wouldnt end....I was then wondering what's the difference between my Gurus and teachers and this is what I came up with...

...sharing with you all..

A Guru is one..

- Who teaches Inter-dependence of all things; Yet teaches, how to be completely Independent! (Even of Himself/Herself)

- Who teaches Detachment; Yet teaches how to be constantly attached with the God within!

- Who is our Mother and Father both; Yet teaches us to respect, serve & worship our Mother and father..no matter what!

- Who teaches us to Know ThySelf i.e. I the ego (Who am I); Yet only to make us understand the Delusion of that very 'I'.

- Who makes us aware of the 'God in one and All'; Yet always leads us to the 'God Within'!

​All others are Teachers!...and all of us are really indebted to our millions of teachers...i.e. not only our teachers who provided us the much needed education and guidance but the list includes all of us on social media, our family, the people we have worked with and our own selves...as we have learnt from/with them.. at every single step!

​Many Thanks!

Wishing success to all Teachers on their path to becoming Gurus!