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Happy Teacher's Day

On teacher's day I was reflecting and lovingly remembering my Gurus and Teachers and the list wouldnt end....I was then wondering what's the difference between my Gurus and teachers and this is what I came up with...

...sharing with you all..

A Guru is one..

- Who teaches Inter-dependence of all things; Yet teaches, how to be completely Independent! (Even of Himself/Herself)

- Who teaches Detachment; Yet teaches how to be constantly attached with the God within!

- Who is our Mother and Father both; Yet teaches us to respect, serve & worship our Mother and matter what!

- Who teaches us to Know ThySelf i.e. I the ego (Who am I); Yet only to make us understand the Delusion of that very 'I'.

- Who makes us aware of the 'God in one and All'; Yet always leads us to the 'God Within'!