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Have you Reached the Pinnacle of Effectiveness and Success?

In 2 decades of my corporate career I have essentially seen the following category of Successful top Leaders:

  1. There are leaders who 'feel' they have 'done it all', have reached the peak of their job/career and are totally content with status quo. Such leaders may not want any more improvement or feedback for improvement.

  2. Then there are those who think they have reached a 'limit' in their career beyond which there is no scope of growth. These are the ones who think they have consumed their full potential/scope and do not know what to do next.

  3. Then there are those 'Successful leaders' who have reached the peak of their careers yet frequently like to assess themselves, encourage feedback, challenge their limits and make a sustained effort to get better continuously. Such leaders because of their will to keep getting better, not just in their careers but also in their lives, become more and more effective and successful in whatever they do. They do it not just for themselves but to be able to support their team even better.

So which category do you fall in? Do you fall in the category of successful leaders who would like to consistently change and grow? or are you the one who are content with the status quo or think there is nothing more to do?