Here’s Why Gratitude Leads to Leadership Success

I recently came across a grateful leader and that set me thinking.

Much has been said about servant leaders, conscious leaders, and collaborative leaders. But no one talks about Grateful Leaders. When you think about it, it makes ultimate Business Sense for leaders to practice Gratitude. Do you know why?

Because scientific research has established the following things about the power of Gratitude:

Impact on Body:

People who practice gratitude have stronger immunity and lesser aches and pains. They also have lower blood pressure and better quality of sleep. This translates into overall higher energy for leaders which is much needed as they are required to work long hours and handle multiple tasks.

Impact on Emotions:

Leaders also need higher optimism and resilience than most people. They regularly combat uncertainty and failure. Only when they keep their own negative emotions in check can they inspire and motivate their teams.

Gratitude is a very powerful tool that enables just that. Thus, leaders who practice gratitude bounce back from failure sooner than others and stay optimistic longer. In short, they are able to manage their own and their teams' emotions better.

Reduction of Stress:

We know that workplace stress is no less than a pandemic! Daily gratitude practice is a great way for leaders to combat this necessary evil. In the business context, less stress would lead to more collaboration, more innovation, more fun, and better quality of decisions. Isn’t that worth giving it a shot?

Impact on Team:

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania (UP) conducted an experiment on fundraising callers and found that grateful leaders were able to motivate their employees to make 50% more successful calls. It makes true business sense to thank your team for the work they do because that makes them feel more engaged with the organization and leads to higher productivity.

The ensuing positive energy has a ripple effect as Gratitude becomes a part of the workplace culture.

Recently, I was delighted when I received a call to talk to an entire organization about Gratitude. It was exciting to discover that the founder of the organization was a great believer and eager to adopt Gratitude as a quarterly theme in his organization. And here is what he wrote about it on LinkedIn.

There seems to be a new wave of Gratitude ever since the Covid pandemic hit us and we have started noticing the Tiny Miracles Of Life. This is one trend for which I would love to be the brand ambassador!

Have you jumped on the Gratitude bandwagon yet? Would love to hear your thoughts. How are you living out Gratitude in your life as a leader?


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