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How about a Strength based approach to Leadership Development?

Yes, Positive Psychology is here to is the realisation that each human being is a unique individual, and can hardly be put into a 4X4 box that some assessments try to do. Nor can everyone be awesome at every competency defined by the organization. So, the only logical thing to do is to work with the leader's strengths -i.e. provide developmental inputs that seek to optimise energy inducing aspects of the leader so that she is coaxed to be Joyfully Effective and deliver #peakperformance .

All we need to shift the focus from a gap-based conversation to a strength based approach and we see the learning soar as leaders become more receptive and less resistant to change. They can then be nudged to use their strengths in new and different ways and manage the weaknesses that limit their performance.

Check it out for yourself...