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Is COVID Igniting a Human Transformation?

It has been 18 months that Covid entered our lives like an uninvited guest and has stayed way past its expected duration. Just as we thought it was leaving, it danced the dance of destruction and left us devastated as a community, as a nation, as humanity. And yet underneath the pain of it all, one can’t help but notice the slow but certain change it is bringing about. I am not sure if it is an inner transformation, but it does seem to be epic change (if I am to use the lingo correctly).

One of the most obvious fallouts is the ‘collective grief’ that we are all feeling. The second wave came like a tsunami, and it has touched every person we know. There are stories of families being wiped off, children being orphaned, loss of young friends and colleagues. Whether we admit it or not, we are all in mourning.

Out of Our Control

Many of us live life with goals and plans. We want to achieve things. Organizations do the same. Now we have seen the most well-laid out plans come to nothing. We have seen how much out of control we are. I have heard instances of people who did not step out of the house for a year and still were infected with COVID 19.