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Physical Pain is a sign of Emotional Pain

We all have deep unconscious patterns within us that make us who we are as individuals. They drive our motivations, values, beliefs, emotions and behavior, which in turn impact our happiness, success and overall wellbeing. Our physical pain is an indication that our emotional state needs attention and correction immediately. I say it needs immediate attention because physical pain is a result of long history of a particular mental pattern or emotional pain we are harboring within ourselves. Physical pain sprouts up when we are not observant and mindful of our thought patterns. It occurs when we do not pay attention to the reasons of constant internal conflict or stress. When we are not mindful for a long time, of what's going on at an emotional level, our body then sends out SOS signals in the form of injuries and pain. For example when one is going through a phase of insecurity, especially in terms of money or emotional support, lower back gives out desperate signals by way of intense pain, slip disc etc. Do you have back pain?...then be mindful and find out what's the insecurity which is pulling you down! Another very common example is neck-pain. Of course bad posture is a big reason for neck pain but I urge you to find out...what are you being rigid about? If you have neck-pain, time to let go of that precious point of view of yours and be a bit more flexible in life! I broach this topic not merely on a psycho-physical level, for a better mental and physical health but most importantly due to the fact that when we are in pain, whether emotional or physical, our concentration, moods, attitude, behavior and energy directly impact our effectiveness, success and happiness. Obviously lack of happiness and success then, result in more stress and there you becomes a vicious cycle! Therefore a back or a neck pain is not just a body ache; when understood and addressed carefully, it may guide us towards a more successful, happier and a brighter life. This is now scientifically proven as well through various researches world wide. For example, American Psychological Association as per their research has mentioned - "when stress starts interfering with your ability to live a normal life for an extended period, it becomes even more dangerous. The longer the stress lasts, the worse it is for both your mind and body. You might feel fatigued, unable to concentrate or irritable for no good reason, for example. But chronic stress causes wear and tear on your body, too." To manage our physical pain, understanding our mental pattern is important yet it is only the first step towards starting the process of healing...following a sustainable 'mental discipline', is the next crucial action-step to really overcome such patterns and be Pain-Free! You can read more here in my article on how a mental discipline can really relax, both your mind and body. Last but not the least, one needs to follow the discipline regularly to sustain the results and avoid falling back into the same trap. To find out more about your pain, here's an 'emotional pain chart for an understanding of how thought patterns impact various parts of our body. (Image credits - CenterForceStudio and Louise Hay book 'Heal Your Body A-Z')

Acting like a mirror, we at ABrighterLife, can not only help you see and understand the underlying reasons for the patterns in your life such as in your relationships or physical pain but we can also help formulate a corrective action plan based on your specific emotional needs. May be it's time to take action; It's time to look within!