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Temporary Change or Permanent Transformation!

Each one of us would like to be much more successful or happier and healthier. I have myself had this great thirst for a better life, both personally as well as professionally. During the last two decades of my corporate career, I have gone through various training programs, coaching, mentoring etc. and now I am a Certified Executive Coach myself. I have also experimented with many spiritual practices in the pursuit of self improvement and I follow an ancient spiritual practice as well.

Initially whenever I did something new to better myself, I was thoroughly enlightened and impressed with what I had learnt. However, soon enough, I found myself falling back into my old habits, behaving in the same manner as I had in the fact it became worse because now I had identified/labeled the issues and therefore felt worse about not being able to correct myself, which in fact made me more unhappy than I originally was. So this made me ask this nagging question to myself.. where am I headed? What is the point of all the self development work if I am not able to practice the learnings in my day to day life?

I realized that when a person understands the so called do's and don'ts in life, he/she starts 'judging' and 'condemning' the 'don'ts' such as anger, bad attitude, insecurity, fear, lack of confidence, greed etc. in himself as well as others, rather than 'practicing' the 'do's' better.

As a Leadership and Life Coach I have met many people who usually wonder why they are not getting any path breaking results from the leadership, spiritual or other self-development work that they have been practicing.