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What More, What Else?

A couple of days ago, someone reached out to me on LinkedIn for some advice. He was in a very good job but was keen to learn more in order to build his career. He was sensing some changes in his organization and felt uncomfortable with them. That was perhaps the trigger to start looking outwards i.e Outside-in Inside-out approach, and think about "what more, what else"

So we fixed up a call and spent close to 20 minutes talking about learning opportunities and avenues in his area of work. We did not speak about job search/ climbing the ladder etc. The agenda was plain and simple : His Learning

As I reflected on this, here are a few things that I realized:

  1. While I was in my marketing career, my learning was on the job rather than anything else. Perhaps there was no time for anything else. Or perhaps, it was not on my agenda. When I felt my learning had saturated, I became dissatisfied and started wondering "what more, what else" That is how my second career happened.

  2. The avenues of learning are exploding for professionals today... there's Linked In Learning, platforms like Udemy, a thousand networking events to go to, professional bodies offering certifications...everything is available at the click of a button. I wish it were that accessible then.

  3. However, I routinely meet people through my work, who have an underlying discontent that there isn't enough learning happening. This is perhaps accentuated by the fear that in a technology driven world, things are becoming obsolete faster than before..and perhaps skills of the future are yet unknown. Yet they are waiting for someone to push them into learning. If you are one of them, then you should look for a career coach who can help you unfold your strength, pull you out from the blind spot, and can help you in your career progression.

So when I find someone reaching out for advice on learning, it demonstrates that this is a Potential leader, who has taken complete ownership of their personal growth and professional development, who has not left it to their organization to decide what they need to be learning, who has a vision of where they would like their career headed. Being such an executive has multiple benefits.

  1. Goes without saying that Learning will be high. You will acquire new skills making you an asset to your current and future employers.

  2. Clarity of Career Vision will emerge as you expose yourself to different learning opportunities...what is it that I like or am energised by and also what is it that I do not want to pursue.

  3. Building networks will happen on the side as you meet different like-minded people through a course, event or workshop.

  4. You will bring Outside In thinking into your organization, thus creating more value through new initiatives, thanks to your latest knowledge.

  5. Finally, and perhaps more importantly, you will feel the joy of investing in yourself and of your growth as an individual. What more, what else does one want?

Also, if you wish to who can help you unfold your strength and can help you in developing gravitas