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Your Dad hit you , And its Ok?

So you are a grown up man (or woman). And your Dad (or mom) hit you when you were a kid. No big deal! Happens to everybody! Was a long time ago! Right?

If it is not a big deal, what made you click on the link? Ask yourself, if it really was a long time ago, why do I still remember that, but have forgotten many other things of that time?

Answer is very simple, actually. It was a big deal. It is a big deal, even now, when you are all grown up and a man of the world. Wondering how?

When people come to us, they may say stuff like, "I get angry" " I lose control". "I hate myself for hitting my child." But soon, they understand the real issues, the underlying ones. The feeling of utmost shame and humiliation that day when their father hit them with whatever he could lay his hands on. The day their mother slapped them for something so trivial that they wondered what their worth was...

And they get surprised to know that they are still, 30-40 years later, carrying the trauma and the pain of the little boy. They are still carrying the anger. And they are still carrying the feeling of Unworthiness.