Reclaim Your Inner Child

Embrace and honour the self within and truly love ourselves, exactly the way we are! 

For years, we have ignored our magnificent essence and buried it under the burden of our conditioning and unproductive habits that are rooted in hidden emotions, right through childhood. Unknowingly, we have stored emotional grief energy inside.


At this workshop with use of various powerful, scientific and experiential processes, we re-parent and accept ourselves with compassion and unconditional love. With this world renowned psychological process of Inner-Child Work, we can reclaim our most creative and joyful self.

Who is it for?

This 2 day workshop for anyone who seeks life-transformation


  • Reclaim your childlike qualities, which are a constant source of creativity, mindfulness, spontaneity, love and joy.

  • Let-go of the limiting beliefs about yourself.

  • Strengthen your bond with your loved ones, especially your mother and father as it directly impacts your relationship at work as well

  • Reconnect with the creative joyful self within, in a safe and unconditionally loving environment.

  • Reveal and understand hidden beliefs that underpin your personality.

  • Release any emotional energy that is not serving you in your present life (anger, fear, sadness, guilt or shame) as it impacts your personal as well as your professional effectiveness.


Senior Professional in an MNC

"Thanks Yoshita and Ashwini for these two days which were truly amazing!!"


 Law Student, Delhi

“After undergoing this soothing experience my thoughts have somewhat changed."


Film Maker and a Mother

“Please attend this workshop, I promise you won't regret it."


Senior Corporate Professional in a Globally Leading Multinational

“ My reactions & my responses have ever since improved. I can see & feel my relationships getting better."


Homemaker, USA

"I did have a life.....looked so perfect and fabulous and so many ways it was, but it didn't bring me the satisfaction."


Corporate Professional in a Fortune 500

"Participating in the Workshop was a truly transformational experience."

Homemaker and Mother

“I feel free and happy. For the past 2 years I have had sleep disorder , couldn't sleep at all or will sleep less, since the workshop I am sleeping like a baby."