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Reclaim Your Inner Child

Unleash your potential by healing inner child wounds to overcome unhelpful beliefs & increase self worth

recovery of your inner child , inner child affirmations, and inner child types

For years, we have ignored our magnificent essence and buried it under the burden of our conditioning and unproductive habits that are rooted in hidden emotions, right through childhood. Unknowingly, we have stored emotional grief energy inside.

We use Inner-Child healing process in the workshop and we re-parent and accept ourselves with compassion and unconditional love. This world-renowned psychological process of Inner-Child work helps us to reclaim our most creative and joyful self.

Who is it for?

This coaching is for you if you seek life transformation through healing of your self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and recovery of your most creative and joyful self.

  • Do you find it difficult or feel guilty when you have to say NO to someone?

  • Do you procrastinate/delay on taking important decisions?

  • Do you express anger or irritation in a way that you later regret?

  • Do you feel that you could be a better parent or spouse?

  • Do you mask your feelings to please your seniors or others at work & home?

  • Do you find it difficult to express yourself in meetings/gatherings?

  • Do you often criticize yourself and others?

  • Do you feel you are short-tempered and reactive?

  • Do you feel the need to be perfect and in control at all times & find it difficult to delegate?

  • Do you have a strange feeling of loneliness/emptiness/something missing /lack of purpose in life?​​

  • Do you end up being interested in many things but may not commit 100% to anything?​​​

If you answered YES to any of the above questions...Congratulations! You are among the very few people, who are self-aware, open and willing to change! So, if you are ready to get your beliefs challenged. If you are committed to making a big shift in your life. Then this is meant for you!


  • Reclaim your Inner-Child like qualities, which are a constant source of creativity, mindfulness, spontaneity, love and joy.

  • Let-go of self doubt and limiting beliefs about yourself.

  • Strengthen your bond with your loved ones, especially your mother and father as it directly impacts your relationship at work as well.

  • Reconnect with the creative joyful self within, in a safe and unconditionally loving environment.

  • Reveal and understand hidden beliefs that underpin your personality.

  • Release any emotional energy that is not serving you in your present life (anger, fear, sadness, guilt or shame) as it impacts your personal as well as your professional effectiveness.

​​Inner-Child Therapy can:

  • Enable you to reconnect with your true Self, your inner core and recognise what is important for your happiness

  • Enable you to deeply understand some of your unconscious biases and limiting beliefs which are coming in the way of a happy and fulfilling life.

  • Heal your relationship with your parents & children

  • Help you discover hidden aspects of your personality that trigger you and make you lose your balance. 

  • Help you earn to deal with your emotions like anger, guilt, shame, sadness

  • Free yourself from fears, deep rooted in your childhood

  • Help you deal with your Inner-Critic



Ex CEO - Leading MNC

"An amazing experience of my getting to know myself!!! Literally reclaiming my inner potential thru an interaction with my inner-self. An experience of identifying some hidden dark corners of emotions and subconscious experiences n feelings. The session helped me to identify, interact, unearth, introspect, appease and leverage some of my inner strengths. Made me a happier person showering unconditional love and compassion. Yoshita and Ashwni are the real gurus, who not only created the environment of guided meditation, program facilitation but became a part of my emotional structure and confidantes. Someone that I can reach out to get my inner peace n solace. Thank you Yoshita and Ashwni, you folks are exceptionally n absolutely awesome!!!



Film Maker and a Mother

" I admit I signed up for the program with some skepticism, believing that only I could solve my own problems. And that in fact is also what I learned in this workshop but from an entirely different point of view. I learned that I am perhaps the only one standing in my own path to happiness. Connecting with the inner child was a very powerful experience for me. I realized that I had completely neglected my inner-self my entire adult life, consistently buried its voice and denied its very existence. Reclaiming and embracing that inner self freed my thinking on many levels, thus positively impacting my relationship with myself and also with my family. Suddenly there seemed to be a lot of clarity on issues that were unresolved. And this process continued long after the workshop was over. It was really amazing. Please attend this workshop, I promise you won't regret it. In fact you will be very surprised with what you end up learning about yourself and the world around you! Thanks Ashwni and Yoshita for this fantastic experience! I am looking forward to signing up for the next inner adventure with you!"



Group Head - Leading Real Estate Company

I have preached my sales team members about having physical, emotional and mental energy to succeed in sales and in life. But how do I channelize all 3 together and use the same correctly? My energy got channelized after I attended Ashwni & Yoshita’s Workshop. Those two days of meditation/introspection are among the best days of my journey so far. It was a transformation, words fail to describe the feelings, emotions and happiness that I experienced. I felt wonderful about myself, about other, about God’s creation. The workshop imbibes so much of positive energy into you that you feel radiant from inside. Knowing yourself inside out strengthens your core and brightens your personality.” 



Senior Professional - MNC

"Thanks Yoshita and Ashwni for these two days which were truly amazing!! We all get so caught up in our so called "roles and responsibilities " that we shut are true inner self , our inner child completely. We play all the parts beautifully in our life just forget that we have one and only one of our own to live !! Please continue this beautiful work... Much needed for all!!"


Sona Metcalfe

Empowerment Coach - UK

I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything close to what I have in the session with Ashwni. I felt a little apprehensive at first but it all washed away with his gentle guidance. He created a space of safety, kindness, and compassion for us to occupy while visiting places of my subconscious mind that have been hidden from me. I’ve gained a profound understanding of who I am and how I want to show up in this world. You facilitated something that I couldn’t imagine possible. Life would then become driven by intuition and the wisdom of the higher self. I recommend working with Ashwni of A Brighter Life high enough.



Corporate Professional

"Only after attending the workshop with Yoshita and Ashwni, did I see my truth…Not only it has made me at peace with myself but enabled me to break the patterns and be a much better Mom to my daughter. I had built walls all around me and felt the false security.. The isolation only added to my loneliness, frustration and lack of interest at work. The walls have crumbled and the heart has opened. Ready to love and live for the first time ever. By going through this workshop and by deeply understanding my self within really transformed and opened my blocks, which had been there for years. Many Many Many thanks Yoshita and Ashwni. You are my Gurus in this new life"



Senior Corporate Professional - MNC

My reactions & my responses have ever since improved. I can see & feel my relationships getting better.
"This is not "a workshop". For me personally this has been an initiation of a journey. Yoshita and Ashwni have not just helped table things for me about myself which I never knew existed, they have helped/guide/direct/visualize/channelize my true capability/potential ... My reactions & my responses have ever since improved. I can see & feel my relationships getting better. My gratitude to the 2 of you cannot be explained in words, you have helped me truly embark on a journey of transformation. Thank you Yoshita and Ashwni for connecting me with a group of strangers who have now turned into my support system."



Homemaker, USA

I did have a life.....looked so perfect and fabulous and so many ways it was, but it didn't bring me the satisfaction. It didn't fill that empty part in me. My life changed dramatically after I did this session with "" i.e. Ashwni &Yoshita. They drew me closer to ME and kaboom not only me, everyone noticed the change. I am healed from head to toe. Looking forward to doing many more sessions with them but they have already handed me the key for my treasure (happiness) Who am I to recommend them, just do the class and after that i know you all are going to bless us. Big hug to Ashwni and Yoshita"

Astha Chandra

 Astha Chandra

Inner Power Life Coach

"Participating in the Workshop was a truly transformational experience. Kudos to Ashwni and Yoshita for doing such meaningful work. It is unimaginably powerful and could be really Life Altering. Personally, I have found great reserves of strength & courage  through the workshop & my self-worth has increased  manifold. I have been sleeping much better, am at peace with myself and have found a new meaning to my life. It has been a great beginning to my journey of self -discovery. I highly  recommend this workshop to One and All.”



 Law Student, Delhi

"Rome was not built in a day and similarly injuries of heart cannot be healed instantaneously. This was something I used to believe before attending the Inner Child workshop. But after undergoing this soothing experience my thoughts have somewhat changed. My life was just like a brook which is considered to be lively but is unable to overcome the massive obstacles in its journey. Just like a tributary changes its form to become a big river similarly Ashwni sir and Yoshita ma'am polarised my thoughts and thus turning me into a survivor who never shows her back to the problems of the life. After attending the workshop I really got to know the true meaning of mutual relationship and how to nurture them better."



Corporate Professional

"I have so much to say that words defy me and when I am hearing my own thoughts now I'm amazed!
1. I'm amazed to understand my own anger and how it was never for or at people I have always expressed it at..
2. I understood how I never felt respected or appreciated. As I always repelled those feelings till date and hence lived in my own perception of myself in others eyes.
3. I am amazed to be able to see how I always felt unwanted and unworthy in my husbands eyes and how suddenly I realised I don't really know how he makes me feel as I never gave him that chance. No matter what he did I felt the same feeling - unwanted! And now like a sponge I'm free to absorb all emotions and energies I will receive from him. It was only me who made myself feel so unwanted and therefore that is all others could make me feel. Its amazing to realise this!
4. How and why I was repulsive of anyone making fun of anyone. Repulsive to the extent of getting offended for smallest of jokes directed at anyone and take the responsibility of 'correcting' the world n getting into conflicts!! My husband in return stopped speaking to me freely... years ago!
5. How n why I repeatedly felt life is not worth it. The pain is not worth it. I fought with this feeling harder and harder n it would go away only to come back every few days n attack me!! It was deep rooted within me..
6. There always was a coating of fear in everything I did. Every decision I made. I thought I never felt scared but still I never felt free. I realised through this workshop that I feel free and wanted for the first time !! Yoshita and Ashwni, for the gratitude I feel for you today, a thousand thank yous won't do any justice. I feel my heart getting complete. I feel the pendulum that I have been has come to rest. I feel I'm healing.
'Healed' is a big word I know.. but that's exactly how I feel." 


Homemaker and Mother

"I feel free and happy. For the past 2 years I have had sleep disorder , couldn't sleep at all or will sleep less, since the workshop I am sleeping like a baby.
I have a great relationship with my parents yet I had resented them.. Got irritated with no reason or will get upset on smallest of things such outburst of emotions at times that I felt amazed of me.. I never realized why I behave with so much of anger at times...The reason I found when I went through Inner child workshop. Abuse is something we all women have gone through.. I did too.. A very close family member abused me.. I was brave enough to tell my mom but she shoved it under the blanket.. Yes she tried to protect me in her capacity but didn't even say a word to him nor did question him.. I realized I have been holding that against her.. This abuse left me with so many scars that I had intimacy issues,that I brought with me in my marriage., yes I did try to work on it but never fully recovered, it is only when I went through inner child workshop ,my fears and scars and resentments came on the surface.i dealt with it with the help of our facilitator Yoshita Swarup Sharma and Ashwni.. I released my anger, my frustration and my disappointment. Yes I am free of anger towards my mom, it is not easy but I worked on it with the help of my inner child my true self ... She has forgiven my mum, I feel free and happy. From past 2 years I have had sleep disorder , couldn't sleep at all or will sleep less, since the workshop I am sleeping like a baby..Thanks Yoshita and Ashwni what you have given me I would have not got elsewhere.. I am looking forward to a great relationship with my you said we can't ask them to apologize as they have given us the gift of life..They are the givers and we are the receivers and I promise to honour them by living a happy and content life. Please go through this healing, it will change ur life forever.. It's life-altering."

You can book a free consultation with us if you are keen to explore our other coaching programs such as Career coaching or Executive coaching.

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