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Managing stakeholder, Presentation Skills and Leadership Coach

Sure Shot Hi Impact Leadership Growth

Executive Coaching for Startup Founders 

Being a founder can be a very lonely journey full of challenges, ups and downs, and a large measure of self-doubt. In this journey to success, entrepreneurs often struggle with high expectations, time pressure, loneliness, and a need to build new skills like managing key relationships, developing a second line, leading change, inspiring & influencing, and so on. That's exactly where this Leadership coaching Program for startup founders comes in.

Who is it for?

What to expect?

  • Insight into the drivers and impediments of the leader’s success

  • Sounding Board/ Mentor/ Leadership Coach as desired

  • Clarity on how to manage the chaotic startup environment more effectively

Common Themes

  • Managing  Time and Conflicting priorities 

  • Being able to zoom out to the big picture and yet  managing the details of the operations 

  • Handling conflicts with investors and Co-founders

  • Building and Managing stakeholder

  • Self-management to handle a high degree of stress, ambiguity, and volatility


  • Become an Inspiring Communicator and deliver Strong pitches

  • Manage people and their performance as your organization scales up

  • Discuss problems and dilemmas in a neutral and unbiased setup

  • Keep your eyes on top priorities, Ensuring a balance between urgent & important tasks

  • Stay focused on key goals and milestones with regular zoom out sessions

  • Manage ups and downs Entrepreneurial Journey with resilience and the right mindset


Shilpa Mahna Bhatnagar

CEO and Co-Founder Evoxyz Technologies

“Yoshita has a sharp eye to correlate behavioral patterns and arrive at an insight.I have had the chance of working with Yoshita for a period of 6 months. During this tenure I must say that as a coach and a mentor she has helped me to take the next leap towards professional goals. She has a sharp eye to correlate behavioral patterns and arrive at an insight. The insights she shared were meaningful, sharp and crisp so that it can be incorporated as a real feedback. She excels in her craft and is a constant source of education on matters which we take as "No Brainers". It has been a pleasure working with her. Her commitment to her work is infectious as she helped me achieve certain goals during here extremely challenging and testing personal times.A highly recommended and respected professional in her domain"


Gaurav Mathur

MD & CEO @ Filix

"In the domain Yoshita is in, there are many "me-too" who claim they know their skill. Out of the many around, she is true to the work you entrust upon her. Studies the requirements deeply and goes all out to deliver a high-quality output. Compassion being her middle name."


Sanjeev Goel

MD, Intec Capital L

“Yoshita is an excellent coach & helped me in complete transformation of myself” 

You can book a free consultation call with us if you are keen to explore our other coaching programs such as Career coaching or Leadership coaching

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