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Super Intensive Coaching day 

Leaders are quite busy and can have certain challenges and dilemmas that need immediate resolution or want to quickly upskill on specific skills in a One to One environment. Hence, we offer Super Intensive Coaching Day for the leaders who are driving your business

This Program is a combination of coaching and training but very specific to a particular person, for a particular day and for a particular challenge.

Who is it for?

What to expect?

  • Quick Upskilling, 

  • Bullet  sessions to solve a specific challenge  around executive presence or communication or resolving conflicts among management team.

  • Customised solutions that work for the leader and their leadership style

Typical Themes

  • Executive communication

  • Executive presence

  • Presentation skills, 

  • Public Speaking skills


Iti Mattoo

Governance Risk and Compliance Consultant

"Yoshita comes across as a person who is genuinely interested in helping others discover themselves. She has a warmth which allows people to trust her and open up and share their deepest experiences. She was able to give solutions for varied issues that came up."


Wildfit Coach - Romaina

"I totally recommend 1 to 1 sessions with Aashwini. He has helped me so much to get past a very sad and rough period of my life, where I could see no solution. I felt like my life had no meaning, and that I am doomed to feel unhappy and miserable. Through his dedicated work he guided me to find ways to heal my soul, mind and body, to gradually change my brain waves, and create new synapses. I am so grateful for all the help you gave me, Aashwini. May God bless you with all the best."

Neha Saxena Shenoy

HR Director for an MNC

"Yoshita is amazingly devoted to making a difference in lives of people. She is super perceptive and combined with her committment of making a positive change in life of her coachees is what makes her extraordinary!"

Sona Metcalfe

Hypnotherapist, Authenticity Expert, Empowerment Coach - UK

"I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything close to what I have in the session with Aashwini. He created a space of safety, kindness and compassion for us to occupy while visiting places of my subconscious mind that have been hidden from me. I’ve gained a profound understanding of who I am and how I want to show up in this world. A third dimension has been added to my path to authentic self. You facilitated something that I couldn’t imagine possible. I wish everyone had the opportunity to open up the channel to their soul. I can not recommend working with Aashwini of A Brighter Life high enough."