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I engaged Ashwni as an Executive Coach to help me re-energize my team and support me navigate my organisation through the challenging times. I have found his coaching and methods very insightful and innovative. Most importantly, his coaching has enabled my journey to a different level of leadership- collaboratively working with my peers and giving more space to and enabling the growth of my team. 

Deepak Sidel

- Deepak Kumar
CHRO- Sidel Group at Sidel

As a leader struggling with conflicting thoughts, I was lucky to have found Ashwni. He is an excellent coach and mentor. He has coached me to become a better leader and, in the process, has helped me find some invaluable insights about myself. He has made me look inwards and search for limitations that tend to slow down my journey towards becoming a better leader. In the process, I have made peace with my inner most emotions and laid the conflicts to rest. I highly recommend Ashwni

Suveer Kumar Gupta.jfif

- Suveer Kumar Gupta
MD & CEO - Shivalik Small Finance Bank

I became a much more impactful leader, measurably upgraded my leadership skills, and made substantial career progress in 9 months. My communication became more effective and I was able to build rock-solid trust with my team/stakeholders. To beat it all, I got the much-awaited promotion.

Krishnaraj Vanavadiya.jpg

- Krishnaraj Vanavadiya
Vice President VLSI & System HW Engineering - Wipro

I have changed for the better and have been able to handle situations and my approach to people and professional situations in far better manner than before. Yoshita acknowledged my areas of development in no time. Her empathy & patience immensely helped me in my journey toward self-development & to check my certain strengths from going into overdrive. 

- Alok Karkera,
Group Head @ Axis Bank | Ex Banker @ Citi

Alok Karkera.jpg

She is super perceptive and is committed to making a positive change in life of her coachees. Yoshita is amazingly devoted to making a difference in lives of people. She is super perceptive and combined with her commitment of making a positive change in life of her coachees is what makes her extraordinary!

- Neha Saxena Shenoy,
HR Director for an MNC

Neha Saxena Shenoy.jfif

Yoshita has a unique ability to connect with every participant at the core level and then help facilitate the growth. I personally experienced the transformation of all the individuals who went through this program. She was precise, encouraging, thought-provoking, got them out of their comfort zones, and importantly, held them accountable

- Vinod,
Director at a Global BPO

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