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Voice Dialogue

Cut through the clutter of different voices in your head and gain clarity

how to build up confidence, how to raise my self esteem and self worth

Program Objectives

  • Understanding your vulnerable self 

  • Understand the impact of the voices on your work and personal life.

  • Self Discovery, Self Acceptance and Self Mastery

Sometimes, we hear different voices in our head, simultaneously. At times these are diametrically opposite perspectives that hold us in a bind. We feel stuck, unable to decide, in a dilemma, and unable to move on.
Voice Dialogue is a session or a series of sessions where we explore the different voices in our mind one by one and gain Self Mastery over these seemingly opposite parts within us.

For anyone who wants to overcome their dilemmas and be able to make clear choices.

What to expect?

  • Build self-awareness especially with respect to their own primary & disowned selves.

  • Understand how to boost self esteem and ways to improve self worth.

  • Explore why you get triggered/ feel stuck by different voices. Identify your voice vs the voice of conditioning.

  • Appreciate the true motivation of your inner voices

  • Finally, be enabled to make choices and decisions by recognizing different voices and knowing when to use what

Client Experience

Dr Bhulakshmi.jpg

Dr. Bhulakshmi
Executive Coach & Founder, Gapskills Learning Solutions

Thank you for conducting the voice dialogue session for me. Despite my initial apprehension, you managed to ease me into the process. And to my surprise, I found the various voices in me responding to your process. I experienced profound revelations and deep awareness, which have given me direction for action and change.


I must commend your astute and perceptive ability to cut through to the heart of the issue, listen to unspoken messages emerging from multiple voices, choose the appropriate voices to speak up, and enable the emergence of deep awareness. You deftly manoeuvre the dialogue towards noteworthy outcomes. 

Your presence brings alive the essence of the voice dialogue process!


Smriti Goenka

"I had a wonderful experience, a lot of understanding and release of emotions happened for me.Its a path-breaking and mind-opening experience for me. It is a fantastic program and I recommend it to everyone."


Supriya Dhiman

"Yoshita is a great facilitator...these sessions invokes a lot of emotions...only a gentle and empathetic facilitator like Yoshita can create the impact it had for the attendees!"



"My inner voice is a lot more loving and I am now in a state of acceptance of the big loss and void in my life. I have also started feeling, I am my best friend and the best in me is emerging. I highly recommend this  to you if you truly aspire to be the best version  of yourself"

You can book a free consultation with us if you are keen to explore Career coaching or Leadership coaching to accelerate your career. We will understand your need and create a customized solution for you.

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